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Arrietty's Cover Reveal!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Today was a bit bonkers but brilliant, with posts flying off like crazy - so many it was hard to stay on top of it all! It was exhilarating seeing people showing so much support and enthusiasm for my third book, and exciting when people said such lovely things.

Here are a few things people said:

Ooooo love it! Very different to your other covers, can’t wait to read it 😁


💛 COVER REVEAL 💛 Good morning, lovelies. I'm soooo excited to bring you the cover reveal for the brand new novel from the very talented

@abbydaviesauthor Arrietty, and if it's anything like her first two novels. I can promise you, it will be an amazing read!


Eeek I’m literally so excited to read it I can’t wait 😍🥰


I wish publication date was tomorrow now, rather than 18th July! Then again, there's a fair bit to get done, including finding something to wear for the biggest bookish party of the year THE BOOK PARTY. I went last year and it was truly awesome - so fun with such incredibly friendly, book-obsessed bookworms to chat to. This year it's in Blackpool so quite a trek from Wiltshire, but I know it'll be worth it. I can't wait to see who wins Blogger of the Year...

If you want to rock up and chat books, check it out at , and do come and say hi! I'm always up for book/writing conflab, dancing like a crazy person and drinking yummy cocktails ;) - oh, and probably embarrassing myself in the process! I'll never forget when I met my editor for the first time at HarperCollins HQ, and FULL ON snort-laughed at something that wasn't even that funny. Not my finest moment of coolness.

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24 thg 5, 2023

Interesting to see the main thing to get done in the lead up to publication is finding a dress 🤪. Why am I not surprised?

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